Joker Wild

June 11th, 2012 by admin

It is not often you see aUnibet online casino game which uses a 53-card deck but that is exactly what Joker Wild does in an adaption of video poker.

Along with the standard 52 cards there is the addition of jokers which can be substituted for any other value. These can be very useful when it comes to hitting the hands near the top of the strength ranking.

The minimum five-card poker hand that is required in this game is Kings or better. It is therefore worth bearing in mind that a pair of Queens or below does not count for anything.

The addition of the joker as a wild card is a big helpon your side, so the payout-table reflects this. You need at least three-of-a-kind to show a profit in the game.

It goes without saying that if you were dealt a joker in your opening five cards that you would hold it down going into the next round regardless of your other cards. Therefore,it is of no benefit to you to draw another card in replacement for this.

You may notice that there are two different pay-outs for a Royal Flush in the game. The first is the Natural Royal Flush.  This is where you develop the hand without the help of the wild card. The second pay-out is lower and is when you use the joker to assist you in some way.

Another hand which you won’t be familiar with in the pay-table is five-of-a-kind. In a standard video poker game it won’t be possible to hit this hand but when there is a wild card of some kind this hand is remotely possible. Despite the joker, it is still very rare so you will be rewarded well if you can find it.

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