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January 27th, 2015 by admin

The games of roulette have become very popular among the masses since the time the games are available in the form of online roulette. The online games are continuously in the process of getting better with the every passing day. The online games have already taken the place of brick and mortar casino house games due to the spectacular development of computer technology incorporating graphics and cool sound system. Over and above all such features the availability of free online roulette games in the web sites has made it all the more attractive to the customers.

The roulette is played on a rotating roulette wheel where a number of colored balls are made to roll along with the rotation of the wheel. There are a number of colored pockets at the center of the wheel where the balls settle after the speed of the roulette wheel tends to zero. The wagering is done on the number or color of the pocket where the balls would settle when the wheel becomes stationary. In this way the game of roulette is purely based on chance. But as the modern science depicts even in chance events there happens to be some pattern. The seasoned and experienced players register their winnings by manipulating such hidden patterns in the purely chance events of the roulette games.

Whether the game is free or against wagering money there will always be some house advantage. The percentage of this house advantage would depend upon the kind of roulette table you select. If you select an American roulette the advantage would be 5.26% while for a European roulette table the advantage happens to be 2.6%. The choice of European roulette is better as it fetches more numbers of chances compared to its American counterpart. This is due to the fact that the American roulette has double zeros while the European one has single zero.

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