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June 12th, 2015 by admin

During the initial days of the online casino web site business there was hardly any competition. The pioneers of the new form of business could foresee the prospect of the business and accordingly they cooperated with the software engineers in their mission of converting all the casino games into their soft forms. It is only due to the dedicated works of the entrepreneurs as well as the computer experts that the present day online casino business is getting excellent returns on investments.

No Deposit Bonus

Now in the internet you find millions of casino web sites such as competing with each other in attracting the customers. For pulling you to the Rainbow Riches the web site owner has to have some attractive promotional offers similar to the main line business. All the casino web sites today offer varieties of bonuses in order to attract the customers to their web sites. These bonuses are meticulously framed targeting the customers of the various stages. It starts with the new entrants for whom the web sites offer No Deposit Bonus. The web site owners have studied the psychology of the new players who are often very hesitant and overwhelmed with a sense of losing hard earned money. They would like to start the game without any risk or loss of money. So the web site owners in order to attract them to the pleasures of the games of chances offer them the playing experience without requiring to deposit any money. The deposit money is paid by the web site owners but the players are not allowed to withdraw money from their account. In Monopoly Big Event many more bonus schemes are announced that are quite attractive for the players of various stages. They Play Rainbow Riches with bonus schemes for the old players and the moneyed players also.

For the existing players the online web site owners have their scheme where the web site owners pay 15% to 20% of the money that the existing players would deposit. This motivates the existing players to stay on at the casino web site getting lured by the sum paid by the casino web site owners.

For the moneyed people the online casino web site owners have the bonus scheme known as high roller bonuses. This is one tricky scheme framed after considering the psychological trends of the rich and aristocrat people. Such people want respect and glamour and do not bother from spending money for any event that enhances their status. So in order to make them stay on at the casino web site the online casino web site owners arrange the passes of respectable functions attended by celebrities.

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