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PlayStation Network : Piratage d’avril 2011

October 30th, 2013 by admin

Le mercredi 20 du mois d’avril 2011, les services du Qriocity et le PlayStation Network ont été attaqué mondialement  rendant ainsi l’accès impossible en ligne. Depuis que le réseau PlayStation Network avait été lancé en 2006, il n’avait jamais connu une période maintenance aussi longue. De cette attaque, un nombre important de données confidentielles des utilisateurs auraient été piratées simultanément avec le réseau, ceci inclue les adresses, les noms, les dates d’anniversaires, les adresse électronique, les mots de passe et pseudo. Aussi certaines de données de profil auraient été piratées comme les factures et les réponses à des questions de sécurité PlayStation Network, l’historique de paiements …. Depuis ces jours de nombreuses date de remise en service se sont annoncées chez Sony et succédé mais, aucune ne fut respecté. Sony de son coté, c’est lancé dans une poursuite contre les pirates qui, d’après l’entreprise, seraient des individus appartenant à la communauté anonymous.

Depuis cet incident, le réseau PlayStation Network n’a plus jamais rencontré d’autresproblèmes et son système de confidentialité des utilisateurs  a aussi été renforcé. De grandes pertes économiques dénombrées en milliards de dollars furent enregistrée ainsi que de multiples actions en justice furent pris à l’encontre de la firme Sony. Ce n’est que le 15 mai de la même année que les services du réseau PlayStation Network furent remis en ligne une journée après que le porte-parole de Sony en a fait l’annonce officiel en vidéo. Cette remise en ligne imposait à chaque utilisateur un changement de mot de passe dès la connexion. Pendant les soirées du 15 et 16 mai, le réseau souffre d’un débordement de joueurs connectés et disparait après environ 2 heures de dépannage avant sa remise en ligne finale. En savoir plus sur Comment obtenir des codes PSN visite libre codepsngratuitement.com

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Quick tips on selection of teams before doing soccer betting

August 22nd, 2013 by admin

The hardest task one is normally faced with when choosing the teams to bet on is predicting right. Generally, this is demanding because in a game of football any result is possible though this does not mean you cannot be able to get it correct. Therefore, don’t lose hope try out the following and see where it can take you.

When researching look at the current form of the teams. You can narrow down to five previous games played to catch a glimpse of their performance. This can lead you to predict the most likely outcome of a game.

The way a team plays at home and when away is also helpful. There are teams that are better when playing at home and vice versa. In fact there are teams that rarely lose at home even if it means settling on a draw. This will assist you know when to bet on a certain team.

The number of goals that a team concedes or scores in each match helps a lot in the over and under bets. Some teams are good defensively and poor upfront therefore you will discover that their games normally have few goals scored. This will increase your accuracy in prediction of goals.

The line up fielded has a huge impact on the outcome. Be on the lookout because some key players may be out due to injuries. Another reason may be new signings on their debut can lead to unforeseen results for the game. Make sure you know who will be playing the game.

All this requires patience and a lot of time to investigate. Definitely, it is worth your time because it may win you that money. It is better to research and lose than lose without knowing the mistake you made.

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Why You Can Never Question Gambling

December 27th, 2012 by admin

Casino en ligne was formed with the interest of gamers who love placing bets or playing free in mind. Consequently, it grew to become one of the biggest and first-rate games online. Despite the fact that many went ahead, shunned it, and felt the government, especially from the United States of America, did a mistake by legalizing such a jeux gratui. Nonetheless, you can never refute the fact that after its legalization, gambling not only became the most famous game of all seasons but also a resourceful one for that matter.

The reason why gambling is unquestionable is seen in its beneficial context, in terms of the major development and social elevation it has brought about. Basing an argument within this context, many benefits and achievements have been realized to an extent that at times, gambling is seen as a source of livelihood to most individuals.

Irrespective of the fact that some communities refute playing casino en ligne jeux gratui, either due to nightmare anecdote they have had or the loss they have been through, gamer, whether newbie or professional acclaim this is a game of old, present in anew form and will forever live with human beings.

Additionally, he concept of social relation growth, creation of employment, provision of social amenities and the ability for the sport to bring about mental boost are reasons enough that makes discounting this game an impossible mission.

It is hard to deny that casino en ligne and live casino has had negative implications on some of us. The truth however is that maybe you were to busy with the game and forgot to read tips and instructions before diving into it.

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Cognitive advantages of playing bingo

October 17th, 2012 by admin

Entertainment was the sole reason for which the game of bingo was introduced. Back in the day, there were not many past time activities to keep people entertained. Thus, bingo became the only known way for relaxation and entertainment. As time went by, the online edition of the game was introduced, bringing entertainment right to the living room of the masses.

While entertainment was the main reason of playing the game, research has shown that it too has several truckloads of benefits. It is no longer just a game of fun and prizes. Scientists say that a person’s mental ability begins to decline after they attain the age of 27. With decreased brain ability, the power of thinking as well as the brain speed begins to slow down.

One way of keeping the brain up to speed is through cognitive stimulation when performed on regular occasions. You can achieve a desirable level of mental stimulation not necessarily by attending expensive therapeutic sessions commonly found at research centers but through simple things as playing bingo games. Brain stimulation because of playing bingo games has been demonstrated to delay beginning of mental ailments common among which is Alzheimer.

Research also proved that most people who play the game of bingo do so mostly because they want to maintain better memory, and to maximize their concentration. Socially, the game is also important as it enables people to meet and connect with new people.

In short, there is a lot more to gain than just entertainment and fun that is derived from the game of bingo. Health wise, the game is important in keeping the human brain sharp, which means it is able to process information faster. You do not have to be mentally slower just because you have aged. You can be sharp and enjoy the game.

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Most interesting online game increased my bankroll.

August 7th, 2012 by admin

Have you ever tried online games? Do you love to spend your leisure time on playing them? Now, are you bored of same regular online games? Want to try something special which gives you loads of thrill and fun? Here are online poker games which are regarded as the most interesting part of online casino games.

Nowadays, online activities have become an interesting slot to everyone in their work routines. They include this slot in most of the works they perform. These are also serving as the best free time slots as they are providing unlimited online games. Some games are offered at free of cost which keeps no weight on the wallet of players. Many of them are turning to theses games in their free times, especially during weekends and in vacations. Poker is my favorite option in the list of online games and I love to play poker online more than any other online game.This game also holds more scope of winning huge amounts that really adds up to your bankrolls. Adding some good amounts to their bankrolls will be a definite wish of an every player who is playing casino games. Casino games themselves are money based games and major players do pick the games which offers the scope of winning appreciable money. According to my online game experiences, I consider that online poker game is the game which allows more money to our bankrolls. Betting amounts will be really huge as it is a card game. As this card revolves around 6 or 8 or 10 players, if we sum up the betting amounts then we can surely see bulk money waiting for the winners.

It’s very interesting that final winners can really enjoy bulk amount in their bankrolls and can continue with many more betting in further games too. But you have to ensure that the game you are giving is in the reliable poker room which truly offers your winning amount to your bankrolls. If it is not done, your entire gambling efforts go in to wane. So, it’s highly recommended to check the poker sites reliability as the most primary option. Apart from winning amounts, there is one more thing that wins your heart in every move of your play. Yes, it is nothing than gambling effects of thrill and flawless entertainment.

Have a flawless gambling entertainment by taking all needed precautions to avoid fraud poker rooms.

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Joker Wild

June 11th, 2012 by admin

It is not often you see aUnibet online casino game which uses a 53-card deck but that is exactly what Joker Wild does in an adaption of video poker.

Along with the standard 52 cards there is the addition of jokers which can be substituted for any other value. These can be very useful when it comes to hitting the hands near the top of the strength ranking.

The minimum five-card poker hand that is required in this game is Kings or better. It is therefore worth bearing in mind that a pair of Queens or below does not count for anything.

The addition of the joker as a wild card is a big helpon your side, so the payout-table reflects this. You need at least three-of-a-kind to show a profit in the game.

It goes without saying that if you were dealt a joker in your opening five cards that you would hold it down going into the next round regardless of your other cards. Therefore,it is of no benefit to you to draw another card in replacement for this.

You may notice that there are two different pay-outs for a Royal Flush in the game. The first is the Natural Royal Flush.  This is where you develop the hand without the help of the wild card. The second pay-out is lower and is when you use the joker to assist you in some way.

Another hand which you won’t be familiar with in the pay-table is five-of-a-kind. In a standard video poker game it won’t be possible to hit this hand but when there is a wild card of some kind this hand is remotely possible. Despite the joker, it is still very rare so you will be rewarded well if you can find it.

If Euro 2012 betting is more your thing, check out the Unibet sports betting odds before the tournament gets properly underway.

An efficient guide to online slot game lovers

June 6th, 2012 by admin

Do you really love to play online slot games? Are you searching for the best ways to proceed with your favorite plays of online slot games? Okay! Just put an end to all your searches as you reached a wonderful destination which offers you everything on online slot games? A good guidance is always essential to carry on the things perfectly with zero flaws. No matter about the activity, a guidance offered will add more perfection to the task you perform. So, online slot games are no exception to this and needs an efficient guide for all its players.

Slot machine games do really make a prominent section in the casino games from several years. The gaming combinations are crucial to carry this game successfully. You need to know about the depth in information on winning patterns and their respective combinations. The specialty of these slot games is that these games do not demand any prior gaming experience. All that you need is to have basic knowledge of the game and patterns involved in it. The other forms of the slot games are fruit machines, video slots etc. video slots have been now been the favorite pass time to many of the online players. Playing online slot games will be fun and much entertaining only if you log on to the right slot sites that provide good slot games. It’s better to visit as many as sites as possible to get on to the site that satisfies your requirements. Free slots online will also serve you best if you are newbie to these online slot games. So try and pick the sites which are dedicated to offer free slot online games. You can try out various slot games and also in different versions once if you get on to these free online slot sites. You can come out with the best that drags your maximum interest and you can enjoy the play of that particular slot game. The most interesting slot game preferred by many is Cleopatra slots and is winning the hearts of millions of online players all around the globe. You can also have the options of pay alteration in these online slot games which in turn raises your combinational patterns and winning chances. Bonuses offered in these sites will add an extra fragrance to these online slot games as these are best means to start up your games without making any deposits. Once you are done with the learning of few skills involved in these slot games then you can just start your play with no tensions. The hints and gaming strategies will be discussed in a lost game guide to make the players learn most of it. See that you don’t try your luck on the real money games. See that you are expertise with the game and then switch on to real money games.

To know more about casino games like poker, slot games, and many more, browse http://www.poker30.net/ . You will get all your required gaming details at Poker 30, a best gaming site.

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Working of different kinds of slot machines

April 5th, 2012 by admin

Slots games are the most popular games that are seen both online and offline. In this article you will find with basics and working of different slot machines. Though this information you will get brief idea about how reels work in the slot machine games. You can even get some idea about the odds that are associated with the best combinations with slot machine games.

Though the mechanics of slot machines have changed with the development of technology, certain basic aspects will remain same. Generally player has to pull the lever and this will in turn set of the reels that include symbols. Upon occurrence of certain symbols on the pay line in combination or in single, the player will earn some rewards and this is known as payout. When coming to the point of mechanical slots, they are operated using some series of gears and levers and reels are supported using metal shaft. You will find a brake that will stop these reels and a coin detector that will unlock the brake, Sensors that monitors the payouts that are given by these slot machines.

You will even have electrical slot machines and there are complicated that mechanical slot machines. Computerized slot machines work entirely different and the results in these machines are controlled using a computer rather than actual human moment. It includes the system that continuously monitors the reels and it ensures that reels are operated properly. The payouts in these slot machines are determined using the Random number generator.

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Different types of slot machines on which you can play this favorite game

April 5th, 2012 by admin

You can find with many kinds of slot machines that are available online. Here are few slot machines that are given to give you with brief idea about every slot machine. This information will help you to have understanding of what actually you are looking for in these slot machines.

• Multiplier: This slot machine has different payouts for different symbols and the coins through which you are playing with will multiply it. You will not have any penalty if you don’t play with maximum coins. So in case you wish to play with only one coin at a time then this machine will be best option.

• Bonus Multiplier: This slot machine works similar to that of multiplier and it even offers with more bonuses if you play with maximum coins. It is your responsibility to decide whether to play with extra coins or not.

• Multiple Pay Line: In these recent days, machines have come up with multiple pay line and a coin requires activating each line of this machine. You have to ensure that the line on which you are playing with is active or not because if the line is not activated then you may not win anything.

• Progressive slots: This slot machines takes percentage of money through which you are playing and it adds to the pool that has top jackpot.
You can find many casinos that include machines that are linked together and they will be offering with mini progressive jackpots. It is advisable not to play with fewer coins than the maximum.

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